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carton sealing machine

Cartoner at a glance:

Leadwing  offers a wide range of cartoner to meet output requirements from 60 to 120 cartons per minute.
Both intermittent motion and continuous motion Cartoning Machines are capable of all standard types of closure systems for cartons from tuck-in to hot-melt.

Cartoning MachineCharacteristics Max. output Carton size Principle
LX-HC120Continuous motion120 cartons/minMax.320x90x80mmHorizontal
LX-HC100Continuous motion 100 cartons/minMax.320x145x80mm Horizontal
LX-HC80Continuous motion80 cartons/minMax.320x190x80mm Horizontal
LX-HI80Intermittent motion60 cartons/minMax.220x140x60mm Horizontal
LX-60Continuous motion,for cling film/aluminum foil production60 cartons/minMax.460x60x60mm Horizontal
LX-VI80Intermittent motion, Single side80 cartons/minMax.335x120x90mmVertical
LX-VCR100Continuous motion,Round type60 cartons/minCustomVertical
LX-HS60 Semi-automatic Box Sealing Machine
The semi-automatic box sealing machine for a wide range of applications for food, cosmetics, daily necessities, stationery, toys, electronic products, medical supplies, hardware, crafts, etc - ideal for the highly productive, reliable packaging of a wide range of products.
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